we sell to businesses as well

Our aim at Luxe Bakery is to produce high quality handmade breads and pastries, delivered
daily and fresh.

Our experienced, artisan bakers specialise in sourdoughs using organic flour and traditional yeasted breads. We’ve also got hatted pastry chefs making croissants, tarts and pastries with only the freshest of ingredients.

Since we have two cafes and a bar, we create products that work in these environments. We understand what your venue needs, because we need it too. We’re small enough to tailor production to meet your needs and give you a point of difference, but we’re also large enough to produce consistent quality goods at competitive prices.

For any wholesale enquiries please call 0418 631 920 or email sales@luxebakery.com.au


our selection of sourdough, non-sourdough and pastries

Sourdough Batard 1.7kg

Sourdough Batard 1.4kg

Sourdough Batard 1.2kg

Sourdough Batard 800g

Sourdough Cobb 650g

Sourdough Baguette 450g

Sourdough Dinner Roll 90g

Soy and Linseed Batard 1.8kg

Soy and Linseed Batard 1.2kg

Soy and Linseed Batard 800g

Miche Batard 1.7kg

Miche Batard 800g

Light Rye Batard 1.7kg

Light Rye Hightop 1.4kg

Light Rye Batard 800g

Fig and Raisin Batard 1.2kg

Fig and Raisin Batard 700g

Olive Loaf 700g

Custard Tart

Lemon Tart

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart


Almond Croissant

Ricotta Berry Bran Muffin

Apple Blackberry Muffin

Carrot Cake

Orange Almond Cake

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Oat Cookie

Banana Bread

Rustic Loaf

Rustic High Tin

Rustic Mini Baguette

Rustic Burger 100g


Rustic Triangle

Rustic Square

Seeded Turkish Bread

Turkish Bread No Seeds

Milk Burger Bun 30g

Milk Burger Bun 120g

Brioche Loaf 500g